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Ahhhh, food. A relationship we all must have, but one that is completely unique to each of us.

I’ve spent the good part of the past 10+ years writing meal plans and advising people on what to eat, when to eat it, and how much of it to eat.

But the more I learned about dieting and what it does to us psychologically, and the more my own relationship wth food changed, the more I realized diets don’t work longterm.

Now, let me explain what I mean:

Can you and will you lose weight on a diet? YES!

Have you lost weight on a diet? Probably!

Will the diet that your aunt, uncle, sister, brother, friend, mom, dad etc. is on work?

Most likely!

 “So then what’s the problem” you ask? Longevity.

How many dieters have you personally witnessed succeed long term on their diets (without becoming hermits, tupperware fanatics, or constantly preoccupied with food, food prep, or what they are “able” to eat on a menu)???

My guess? Zero.

Enter Intuitive Eating & Gentle Nutrition.

Below you will find a description of each and what I offer in terms of help.
It’s time to step back from the insanity of dieting and listen to your body, incorporate lifelong habits,
and begin to enjoy food again (instead of stressing about it).

Intuitive Eating Nutrition Therapy

Intuitive Eating tosses out all concepts of dieting, restriction, and rules around food. It does not, and will not, ever tell you what to eat, when to eat it, and how much to eat.

Intuitive Eating emphasizes reconnecting and listening to your body in order to find the weight you are meant to be by following ten main principles.

You will learn how to:

  • Let go of guilt and the “all or nothing” mentality around food.
  • Enjoy your food!
  • Respect your body.
  • Cope with your feelings without using food.
  • …and more!

Most importantly, you learn how to become your own expert. There is no one in this world that will know your body and what it needs better than you.

Traditionally a nutrition coach or counselor will write a meal plan for you, teach you about food exchanges, and/or focus on food and body (weight, measurements, size). I used to do this.

However, over the last ten years, my own nutrition coaching has developed into nutrition therapy – a process which is client-centered, habit and journey focused, and trust-building.

The main goal of this counseling is to explore the thoughts and feelings associated with one’s relationship to food and the body.

Challenging distorted myths about food, teaching the science behind how the body works, and how food can nourish both mind and body are all integral parts of this counseling paradigm.

Helping people tune into the internal wisdom about eating with which they are born through the process of Intuitive Eating is the focus of my counseling services

I am going to answer this because it is a question nearly every one of my clients has – but I will warn you, my response may not be satisfying to you.

I believe we are each born with a certain weight at which our body is comfortable. The weight our body would like to be, and the one in which WE would like it to be based on societal pressures may not be the same.

I strongly believe in the concepts of HAES (Health at Every Size), which “acknowledges that good health can best be realized independent from considerations of size”.

That being said, the Intuitive Eating journey will be different for every person and each will lose weight at their own pace. The timeline will be based on your connection with your body and emotions around food, and our focus will not be on weight.

I offer 50 minute counseling sessions which can be held in my home office, via online video conferencing (Skype or Zoom), or by phone.

Please click HERE for my complete office policies.

  • 1 – 80 minute Initial Consultation (required) – $150
  • 1 – 50 minute session (paid session-to-session) – $75
  • 4 – 50 minute sessions (paid in advance) – $280
  • 6 – 50 minute sessions (paid in advance) – $390
  • 10 – 50 minute sessions (paid in advance) – $630
If you are ready to get started, CLICK HERE!

Precision Nutrition ProCoach

ProCoach is educational nutrition coaching software that will help you develop the habits necessary to achieve sustainable health.

Everything is available online via mobile device or computer and you will be taken through realistic weekly and daily habits, lessons, and practices that, if implemented, will change your life. No more yo-yo dieting, restricting and overeating, or wondering what being a “normal” eater looks like.

Every 1-2 weeks you will receive info regarding a new habit and also some “homework” (which should only take about 10-15 minutes total).

Throughout the program you will be providing feedback through the online portal and I will be reading and responding.

You have the option to enroll in ProCoach with or without additional coaching.

If you’d like video, phone, or in-person coaching for accountability, progress check-ins, to work through challenges, and frustrations, I offer a group or individual coaching add-on.

Please click the “cost & commitment” drop down for details.

If you decide ProCoach is right for you (with or without coaching), I will put you in the system and you will get an email instructing you on how to get started. It’s that easy!

You can view the entire curriculum outlines for men and women by clicking on the respective links below!

Men’s Curriculum Outline

Women’s Curriculum Outline

ProCoach consists of a full year of nutrition and wellness curriculum, but before you say “woah! that’s too much commitment!” hear me out:

True health is built on habits you are able to sustain for life. It’s taken up until now to form the habits you currently have and it will take time to replace them with new ones.

Because of this, I ask that you commit to at least three months of ProCoach (with or without additional coaching). We are in this to create true change, not have something work for a month and then go back to doing things the same!

ProCoach Cost:

Online Program Only – $97/month

Online Program + One Weekly 30-minute Nutrition Session (four total) – $217/month

Each Additional 30-minute Session – $40 (unless bought in a package of four or more – it will drop to $35/session)

ProCoach as an Add-On to Training – $47/month

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Wait! I’m still not sure!

No problem! It’s important that you feel fully educated and completely comfortable prior to deciding to invest in something so impactful.

If you have more questions or concerns just click HERE for a free 15-minute consultation with me!