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Monthly Custom Programs

Does not include weekly  meetings. 

8 Weightlifting Workouts

4 Cardio Workouts

Email Check-ins/Questions with Jenny

  • Custom based on your goals
  • Delivered through workout App accessible on your mobile device
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Facebook Group Membership for Support & Accountability
  • Necessary Adjustments made throughout program
  • Add weekly video sessions
  • No Weekly Meetings

$150 / month

Only PayPal Accepted Currently.

  • With weekly video check-in sessions

$250 / month

Only PayPal Accepted Currently.

Personal Training

Includes weekly meetings.

In-Person Training (over video or physically in-person)

Online video sessions will be performed in the comfort of your home with the equipment you have available.

Physically in-person sessions will be held at my home or Gold's Gym, Warrenton, VA

Duration & Frequency based on personal preference

Includes Email Contact with Jenny

  • Custom based on your goals
  • Coaching on form, technique, tempo delivered in real time
  • Workouts administered during time together - not over application.

$40/ half hour session

$80/1 hour session

$185/5 - half hour sessions

$375/5 -1 hour sessions

Only PayPal Accepted Currently.

Pre-Made Monthly Programs

Details to come.


  • Designed for fat loss & general strength endurance
  • Immediately Downloadable
  • Facebook Group Membership for Support & Accountability
  • Will not include coaching


Only PayPal Accepted Currently.